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Area of Interest: Journalism

Why choose Macquarie?

Why choose Macquarie?

Macquarie offers an outstanding learning experience. We are recognised across the country and around the globe for our innovative curriculum and unique campus environment.

Education is about far more than classroom learning. At Macquarie, you'll graduate with outstanding technical skills as well as the ability to think critically and develop personal views. We prepare you for the world beyond university.

Learning environment

life on campus

Put yourself in the picture: discover the world-class facilities available to you as a student at Macquarie.

Life on campus

Find out about our accommodation options and activities to get you involved. Learn about life on campus.

Overseas opportunities

See how you can enhance your degree with Macquarie's overseas study and exchange programs. Find overseas opportunities.

Flexible study options

Macquarie makes it easy to balance work, study, family and social commitments while benefiting from a quality education.

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