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Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

Required ATAR for entry
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Join Australia's most established and respected chiropractic school. The Bachelor of Chiropractic Science offers fundamental health science training, teaching a wide range of diagnostic and chiropractic manipulative skills in the context of anatomical, physiological and biomedical sciences.

It provides the prerequisite academic background to enable you to apply for entry into the Master of Chiropractic, which is required for professional registration within Australia.

Chiropractic is one of the largest primary health professions today. Chiropractors recognise the importance of body structures and how they affect our health. They use a range of diagnostic tools including patient interviews, physical examination and X-rays. Using spinal adjustments, manipulation and other physical means, chiropractors aim to improve neuromusculoskeletal function and reduce associated pain.

Key features

  • Designed to allow you entry into the Master of Chiropractic, which will fulfil your professional registration as a chiropractor
  • Put your skills into practice with clinical placements during your degree
  • The Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic were the first professional chiropractic degrees to be offered by any public university in the world
  • Students learn the practical aspects of chiropractic, such as how to interact with and examine patients




North Ryde (Sydney)


Session 1 (March)

Minimum course duration

3 years full-time

Suitable for

If you're interested in science and health and are looking to enter the Masters in Chiropractic in order to work as an accredited Chiropractor. Or if you are interested in other health care fields which utilise scientific and diagnostic knowledge.

Fee per Credit Point

AUD $1,359

Estimated Annual Fee

AUD $32,616

Fees quoted are the estimated payable fees for the relevant degree in 2014, based on a typical credit load calculation per academic session. An individual student's credit load may change in each academic session. The University reviews per credit point fees each year and fees may change year on year. For courses of more than one year in duration, students will pay the fee that is current for the year of enrolment. Students may incur other fees, charges and conditions for each session in which they enrol and are advised to check these with the University before enrolment. More information on tuition fees.

Entry requirements

  • Recommended: Good knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics (HSC Mathematics, HSC Chemistry, HSC Biology and HSC Physics; or international equivalents)

Introductory units and bridging courses are available for students without the recommended prior knowledge.

English language requirements

All applicants for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework studies at Macquarie University are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English.
For more information see English Language Requirements.

You may satisfy the English language requirements if you have completed:

  • senior secondary studies equivalent to the NSW HSC
  • one year of Australian or comparable tertiary study in a country of qualification

Work experience requirements


The proposed transfer of Macquarie University’s chiropractic program to another institution is under consideration and an announcement will be made about the future ownership and management of this program in the coming months. Students that enrol in Semester 1, 2014 are guaranteed the opportunity to graduate with a Macquarie University qualification (including Masters degree).

What you will study

General requirements Credit Points
Minimum number of credit points for the degree 72
Minimum number of credit points at 200 level or above 48
Minimum number of credit points at 300 level or above 18
Completion of a designated People unit from outside the Faculty of Science
Completion of other specific minimum requirements as set out below

Specific minimum requirements:

The following outlines the units (subjects) to be studied within this degree

100 level Credit Points
Required BIOL108 Human Biology 3
Required BIOL115 The Thread of Life 3
Required CBMS103 Organic and Biological Chemistry - The Chemistry of Life 3
Required CHIR113 Chiropractic Sciences 1 3
Required CHIR114 Chiropractic Sciences 2 3
Required HLTH108 Anatomical Sciences 1: Introduction 3
Required HLTH109 Anatomical Sciences 2: Anatomy of Limbs and Back 3
200 level Credit Points
Required BIOL247 Systems Physiology 3
Required BIOL257 Neurophysiology 3
Required CBMS223 Biochemistry 3
Required CHIR213 Chiropractic Sciences 3 3
Required CHIR214 Chiropractic Sciences 4 3
Required HLTH213 Anatomical Sciences 3: Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Trunk 3
Required HLTH214 Anatomical Sciences 4: Neuroanatomy 3
Required HLTH215 Principles in Health and Disease 1 3
Required either ANTH202 Illness and Healing (3)
or HLTH200 Contemporary Health Issues (3) 3
300 level Credit Points
Required CHIR316 C Chiropractic Science 6 3
Required CHIR315 Chiropractic Science 5 3
Required HLTH304 Radiographic Physics, Practice and Protection 3
Required HLTH306 Research Methods for Health Sciences 3
Required HLTH316 Principles in Health and Disease 2 3
Required HLTH317 Principles in Health and Disease 3 3
Required HLTH333 Clinical Diagnosis 3
Balance of credit points required (Electives) 3
Total credit points required to satisfy this degree 72


  • Units marked with a C are Capstone units.
  • The course information contained on this page is applicable for 2014 ONLY.
    It is meant as a guide only, to plan your enrolment or study please see the official Handbook.
    For more information please read the courses disclaimer.



To practise within Australia, graduates are required to be registered with the National Registration Board. For students enrolled in the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at Maquarie University, the Master of Chiropractic (two years full-time) will also need to be completed. Once both degrees are completed then graduates can obtain a licence to practise as a chiropractic practitioner. The combined program has national and international recognition.

Career Opportunities

The majority of chiropractors are self employed in private practice. Other opportunities include positions in teaching and research in health care related fields.


    Our Students

    Olivia RZ.jpg

    See Yeung (Olivia) Yao

    Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

    "I like the hands-on experience of the clinic. The lectures explain and introduce you to the new techniques, then you get to practice in the clinic."
    Read more

    Our Expertise

    Michael Swain, Lecturer in Chiropractic

    Michael Swain_chiro lecturer_photo2 by AlexandraMeagher220211WEB.JPG

    Before his appointment as a lecturer in Chiropractic, Michael was a Chiropractor in private practice and a Master of Philosophy candidate at the University. His area of research at Macquarie is sports injury epidemiology. In addition to lecturing, Michael also works with a community based Rugby Union Club where he observes sports injury trends with the intention of mitigating sports injury risks.

    Macquarie University chiropractic laboratories

    Take a tour of the cutting-edge chiropractic laboratories at Macquarie University. With state-of-the-art facilities, our chiropractic teaching labs are the best on offer at a university in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Why choose Macquarie?

    Why choose Macquarie?

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    Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

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