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Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialisation in Biology

ATAR/Course cut-off
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You will benefit from special advanced biology units not available to other students. Many students will go on to further postgraduate studies in biology.

Key features

  • As numbers are strictly limited, the small number of students in the program enables you to receive individual attention, get to know the academic staff, and have direct contact with researchers.
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience working in research laboratories within the University from the first year of enrolment, as part of your degree. Students undertake a research project in third year.
  • Take part in lively discussions of hot topics in biology with active researchers from a range of fields including marine biology, palaeontology and medicine.
  • Students are offered a scholarship for research internships with staff in the appropriate discipline, normally during vacation period.
  • Opportunity to take part in research and gain practical experience working in research laboratories both within the university and associated organisations such as Australian Museum, Taronga Zoo and The Royal Botanic Gardens as part of your degree

Degrees offering Biology

Minimum course duration

3 years full-time


North Ryde (Sydney)

Suitable for

Gifted and talented students in the area of biology.

Entry requirements

HSC Mathematics, Biology and one other science subject.

English Language Requirements

All applicants for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework studies at Macquarie University are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English.
For more information see English Language Requirements.

You may satisfy the English language requirements if you have completed:

  • senior secondary studies equivalent to the NSW HSC
  • one year of Australian or comparable tertiary study in a country of qualification

What you will study

Degree requirements Credit Points
Minimum number of credit points for the degree 72
Minimum number of credit points at 200 level or above 42
Minimum number of credit points at 300 level or above 18
Completion of a Qualifying Major for the Bachelor of Advanced Science
Completion of a designated People unit
Completion of a designated Planet unit
Completion of other specific minimum requirements as set out below

The following outlines the units (subjects) to be studied within this specialisation

100 level Credit Points
Required BIOL188 Advanced Science (Biology) 1 3
300 level Credit Points
Required BIOL388 Advanced Science (Biology) 3 3
Additional level Credit Points
Required Biology major 24
Balance of credit points required (Electives) 42
Total credit points required to satisfy this specialisation 72


  • The course information contained on this page is applicable for 2015 ONLY.
    It is meant as a guide only, to plan your enrolment or study please see the official Handbook.
    For more information please read the courses disclaimer.


Career Opportunities

  • biotechnology industry
  • environmental scientist
  • fisheries officer
  • forensic scientist
  • hospital scientist
  • national parks officer
  • patent officer
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • postgraduate study and research
  • science journalism and broadcasting


  • area health services
  • Australian Museum
  • Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
  • Children's Medical Research Institute
  • Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Primary Industry
  • Douglass Hanly Moir
  • environmental protection authorities
  • local government
  • Memtec
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Pharmatox
  • Sydney Catchment Authority
  • Taronga Zoo


Our Expertise

Lesley Hughes – Transforming Biology

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Bachelor of Advanced Science

With a specialisation in:
  • Biology (ADSC02)

To study this degree, apply through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).

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2. Go to the UAC website and select “Apply". This link will open in a new window.

Applications for Session 1, 2015 opens on 6 August 2014.


Students wishing to return to study at Macquarie University should visit the Previous Macquarie Students webpage, for further information and application procedures. 

Degrees offering Biology

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