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Bachelor of Arts with a major in Software Technology

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Software technology is about:

  • building and using systems for productive and leisure activities, and
  • understanding the principles that underlie such systems.

You will focus on algorithms, data structures and the principles of engineering quality software.

Information technology areas range from business and management skills, to studies and experience in software or electronic and communication engineering.

Key features

  • Increased job opportunities through an emphasis on practical work, using modern programming languages and commercial database software.
  • Opportunities to study exciting contemporary fields such as artificial intelligence, databases, computer graphics, security technologies, game theory and web technology.

Degrees offering Software Technology

Course duration

3 years full-time


North Ryde (Sydney)

Suitable for

Students wanting to develop computer skills to build and use systems, and understand the principles that underlie these systems.

Entry requirements

English Language Requirements

All applicants for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework studies at Macquarie University are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English.
For more information see English Language Requirements.

You may satisfy the English language requirements if you have completed:

  • senior secondary studies equivalent to the NSW HSC
  • one year of Australian or comparable tertiary study in a country of qualification


For information about Macquarie OUA programs, please see the OUA website:

What you will study

Degree requirements Credit Points
Minimum number of credit points for the degree 69
Minimum number of credit points at 200 level or above 39
Minimum number of credit points at 300 level or above 18
Completion of a Qualifying Major for the Bachelor of Arts
Completion of a designated People unit
Completion of a designated Planet unit

Specific minimum requirements:

The following outlines the units (subjects) to be studied within this major

100 level Credit Points
Required COMP115 Introduction to Computer Science 3
Required COMP125 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3
Required DMTH137 Discrete Mathematics I 3
Required ISYS114 Introduction to Database Design and Management 3
200 level Credit Points
Required COMP255 Software Engineering 3
Required DMTH237 Discrete Mathematics II 3
Required 6cp from COMP202 Systems Programming
COMP225 Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP229 Object-Oriented Programming Practices 6
300 level Credit Points
Required COMP355 C/P Information Technology Project 3
Required 9cp from COMP units at 300 level
ISYS326 Advanced Databases and Enterprise Systems 9
Total credit points required to satisfy this major 36


  • Units marked with a C are Capstone units.
  • Units marked with a P are PACE units.
  • The course information contained on this page is applicable for 2015 ONLY.
    It is meant as a guide only, to plan your enrolment or study please see the official Handbook.
    For more information please read the courses disclaimer.


Career Opportunities

  • communication systems analysis and analysis design
  • database administrator
  • end-user support and training
  • IT or management consultant
  • IT sales or marketing
  • programmer
  • project leader
  • systems analyst
  • systems development manager
  • systems engineer


  • Apple
  • AT&T Bell Labs
  • Compaq
  • Computer Associates
  • EDS
  • Google
  • government departments
  • IBM
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Microsoft
  • Optus
  • small business
  • Sybase
  • Westpac

Average starting salary

$48,038 for a computing and IT graduate (source: The Good Universities Guide, 2010).


Our Expertise

Bernard Mans – Transforming Technology

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The major in Software Technology (SOT02) is available in more than one degree.

1. Select your UAC Code for your preferred degree:

300107 - North Ryde Campus
300817 - City Campus (major in Media, Culture and Communications only)

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Archaeology


Bachelor of Advanced Science


Bachelor of Information Technology


Bachelor of Information Technology with the degree of Bachelor of Laws


Bachelor of Science with the degree of Bachelor of Laws


Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Laws


Bachelor of Business Administration with the degree of Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce


Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Commerce with the degree of Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Engineering with the degree of Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Engineering with the degree of Bachelor of Science

2. Go to the UAC website and select “Apply". This link will open in a new window.

Application for Session 1, 2015 closed on 30 January 2015.

Application for Session 2, 2015 open until Friday, 26 June 2015.


Students wishing to return to study at Macquarie University should visit the Previous Macquarie Students webpage, for further information and application procedures. 

Degrees offering Software Technology

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