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Bachelor of Information Technology - Games Design and Development

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Design and create video games and virtual worlds with the Bachelor of Information Technology – Games Design and Development course. This is the only degree in New South Wales that develops both the technical skills to create video games as well as a critical understanding of video games.

This video games degree provides a thorough grounding in software design and development skills that’s equivalent to the standard Bachelor of Information Technology.

However, this is not your average IT degree – it also includes two types of specialist video games units:

  • Those covering practical applications of IT development skills to game development projects.
  • Those providing a more critical approach to video games as designs and cultural media products.

Graduates will have the technical knowledge to successfully contribute to games production projects, as well as have a deeper understanding of games – enabling them to create truly innovative designs.

Key features

  • Undertake a final-year project in order to apply your knowledge and have the opportunity to showcase an example of your work to potential employers.
  • Access to a dedicated computer graphics and virtual-reality teaching laboratory.
  • Study all aspects of video games – design, development and appreciation – while gaining broad programming and software engineering skills and knowledge.
  • Practical experience with industry-level software.
  • The only university video games degree in New South Wales that combines technical skills with a critical understanding of video games as a media tool.

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Course duration

3 years full-time / equivalent part-time


North Ryde (Sydney)

UAC Code


Suitable for

Do you want the skills to not only work in the general software industry but also specialise in games? More than just an IT degree, this will develop the technical knowledge you need to contribute to games production projects and also develop a deeper understanding of games.

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

Estimated annual fee This is an indicative fee -  AUD $8,768 p.a.

Student amenities fee

Information on the Student services and amenities fee

Entry requirements

  • Recommended: HSC Information Processes and Technology and/or HSC Software Design and Development; or international equivalents.

English Language Requirements

IELTS of 6.5 overall with minimum 6.0 in each band, or equivalent

All applicants for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework studies at Macquarie University are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English.
For more information see English Language Requirements.

You may satisfy the English language requirements if you have completed:

  • senior secondary studies equivalent to the NSW HSC
  • one year of Australian or comparable tertiary study in a country of qualification

What you will study

General requirements Credit Points
Minimum number of credit points for the degree 72
Minimum number of credit points at 200 level or above 42
Minimum number of credit points at 300 level or above 18
Completion of a designated People unit
Completion of a designated Planet unit
Completion of other specific minimum requirements as set out below

Specific minimum requirements:

The following outlines the units (subjects) to be studied within this degree

100 level Credit Points
Required COMP115 Introduction to Computer Science 3
Required COMP125 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3
Required DMTH137 Discrete Mathematics I 3
Required ISYS114 Introduction to Database Design and Management 3
Required MAS110 Introduction to Digital Media 3
Required either COMP111 Introduction to Video Games
or MAS111 Introduction to Video Games 3
200 level Credit Points
Required COMP202 Systems Programming 3
Required either COMP225 Algorithms and Data Structures
or COMP229 Object-Oriented Programming Practices 3
Required COMP247 Data Communications 3
Required COMP255 Software Engineering 3
Required COMP260 Game Design 3
Required DMTH237 Discrete Mathematics II 3
Required MAS240 Cybercultures 3
300 level Credit Points
Required COMP352 C Videogames Project 3
Required COMP330 Computer Graphics 3
Required MECO319 Modelling and Animation 3
Required MECO329 Critical Games Studies 3
Required either COMP329 Knowledge Systems
or COMP347 Computer Networks 3
Required 3cp from COMP329 Knowledge Systems
COMP347 Computer Networks
MAS340 Advanced Interactivity
MUS302 Sound, Image and Interactive Media 3
Balance of credit points required (Electives) 15
Total credit points required to satisfy this degree 72


  • Units marked with a C are Capstone units.
  • The course information contained on this page is applicable for 2015 ONLY.
    It is meant as a guide only, to plan your enrolment or study please see the official Handbook.
    For more information please read the courses disclaimer.



This degree is planned to be submitted for accreditation approval with the Australian Computer Society.

Career Opportunities

This degree prepares students for a career in games design and development. Students will also be equipped with the skills necessary for a career in the more general software industry.


Companies in the games industry.


Our Expertise

Dr Michael Hitchens

Convener, Computer Games Unit
Photo of Michael Hitchens Comp4 taken by AlexandraMeagher090311croppedweb[1].JPG

Dr Michael Hitchens is a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing and convenor of the computer games unit. In addition to lecturing in computer games and games design, he conducts research in both video games and computer security.

"One of the most import things I do in my teaching is to give students the opportunity to show what they can do. It's easy to give concise answers to concise questions, but that's not what the real world is like. The real world asks you difficult questions and lets you come up with your own answers. Making video games takes inspiration, effort and creativity. I want to give my students the space to show me they can do that."

Bernard Mans – Transforming Technology

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Bachelor of Information Technology - Games Design and Development

To study this degree, apply through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).

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2. Go to the UAC website and select “Apply". This link will open in a new window.

Application for Session 1, 2015 closed on 30 January 2015.

Application for Session 2, 2015 open until Friday, 26 June 2015.


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